It’s a great problem to have (for sellers and for agents) – tonnes of buyer enquiry.

How does the agent you’ve chosen deal with it?

And how does an agency support their agents who are experiencing so much enquiry?

Well, this is how we do it at H & H.

Firstly, you need a world class Contact Management System that covers off everything from the first meeting at the open home right through to settlement day, and even beyond that, so that nothing goes untracked. At H & H we use REX, an internationally renowned CMS that’s actually based right here in Brisbane. They offer an unparalled level of service and are always initiating improvements to make the system continually better.

Our CMS also allows buyers to register themselves at open homes via a QR code, to alleviate waiting times at the front door.

Agents need easy access to creating contracts via docusign and having a ‘Make an Offer’ button to maximise buyer offers. H & H agents are well trained in the intricacies of docusign and our Make an Offer button has been well-received and utilised by buyers.

Busy agents also need access to their principal when in the middle of a negotiation and coming across a situation they’ve not experienced before. H & H Principals Peter Hutton and Jarrod Perry often spend their Saturday afternoons and Sundays with the team fielding negotiation questions.

Information relating to the property such as the rates notice, Body Corporate Disclosure (for apartments), and the more detailed Body Corp Implied Warranties Disclosure all need to be available to the public and agents with finger-tip access. We often provide Develo reports for our buyers for even more transparency about the property they’re considering (Develo reports cover aspects such as easements, flooding and heritage listings).

And because an agent’s office is basically in the cloud (well, it is at H & H), you can work from anywhere you like. That kind of flexibility gives agents more time in their day to deal with the nitty gritty of getting deals done for their vendors. At the same time, it’s nice for our agents to be able to visit the office when needed and/or phone the admin team for a quick answer to a question.

Employment structures have changed well. For agents looking for momentum and growth, H & H offer a variety of commission structures from 60% all the way up to 90%, so you can really push the boundaries of your real estate career, with the value of a brand with best-practice systems, structures and freedom.

In a nutshell, vendors choosing an H & H agent can be assured back-end support is every bit as well-honed as it looks from the front-end!