Welcome to H & H’s Buyer Coaching, a unique consultancy service dedicated to making your residential property purchase simple and rewarding.

No matter what stage of life you’re in – whether you’re a first home buyer, downsizing, or expanding your property portfolio – Peter Hutton and his team of experts are here to help you.

Based in Brisbane, our local expertise and experience mean we have valuable insights into the local market and can coach you through your property purchase journey. You can be assured that you’re in the hands of the trusted experts.

This is NOT your typical Buyers’ Agents service where we find you a property. This is more about coaching you, pointing you in the right direction and being in your corner.

We can customise our service to best match what you want to achieve.  For most buyers it looks like this:

We’ll sit down with you to understand what type of property it is you are looking for. That’s usually about a 1 hour consultation. In that initial consultation, we’ll find out exactly what you are after. We then start the search process. This is a team effort. Once we or you find properties (online usually) that we think may be a good match, we’ll critique them for you helping you avoid buying a lemon. At the pointy end of the purchase, the offer and negotiations stage, we’ll coach you through the process. It’s like where your private real estate coach. The ‘other agent’, selling the property, won’t even know where in your corner, coaching you to have an upper-hand in the negotiations.

This is a very discrete service. It’s more educational and will suit someone who doesn’t want to pay the huge cost of engaging a Buyers’ Agent and just wants rock solid advice and someone to bounce ideas off and be pointed in the right direction.

If you are thinking of buying off-the-plan, don’t. Haha, just kidding. Peter especially is one of THE most experienced off-the-plan agents in Brisbane. Buying off-the-plan can be extremely difficult. There’s so many parts to your decision making that if you get it wrong, will cost you. Peter can help you avoid the traps.

Let us be your personal coach in all your property transactions!

At H & H, we understand that buying a property is a significant investment, both financially and emotionally. That’s why we are dedicated to providing exceptional service to every client, regardless of their budget or requirements. Our team of expert buyer coaches has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the property market, and we’re committed to using our expertise to help you buy your ideal property.


  1. BUYERS COACH – Our approach is centred around you. We’re here to protect your interests. You come first. And we understand that everyone has different requirements and preferences, so we tailor our coaching to meet your specific needs. This is a coaching service like no other.
  2. LESS COSTLY – You could engage a Buyers’ Agent where you pay a commission (often more than 2% of the purchase price) plus sometimes a retainer as well. Our coaching service is a modest flat fee regardless of your property purchase budget.
  3. INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE – With a combined 50+ years of experience in the industry, we’ll help you navigate the market place so that you get a great deal and the perfect home.
  4. OFF PLAN OPPORTUNITIES – Putting buyer and developer together is a specialty of ours. If you don’t know what the traps are with buying off the plan, we can help you buy safely. Plus, we ensure you get a great deal with Queensland’s best luxury apartment developer.
  5. BUY RIGHT – Finding the right property is one thing, that’s important, but let’s be honest the vast majority of property is listed for sale on realestate.com.au and domain.com.au so finding a property to buy isn’t that difficult. The hard part is making an offer that’s not too high that you are throwing money away and not too low that it gets ignored. That’s where your coach is your secret weapon. We’ll help you buy the property right.

At H & H, we’re passionate about helping you buy your perfect property. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in your property search.

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