Sellers sell when life changes and there are two major changes that influence a homeowner to sell their property, so when is the best time to sell a house in Brisbane?

It’s a sad statistic, but many couples separate over the Christmas holiday period. On a brighter note, professional career change often happens in June/July. Those two times of the year (January, and June/July) coincide with bi-annual troughs in the number of homes on the market.

The number of homes on the market peaks in Australia during March/April and September/October. This is a result of the entrenched belief of a ‘Spring Selling Season’ which relates more to Sydney and Melbourne.

Keep in mind what happens with something in limited (think normal market dynamics of supply and demand) – price goes up, so do consider the upcoming months of winter as the best time to sell a house in Brisbane.

Here’s our list of the unexpected benefits of selling in winter:

  1. The cooler weather filters out buyers who aren’t serious. Winter buyers are serious, motivated and ready to buy. They’re often looking for a home urgently, making winter the best time to sell a house in Brisbane
  2. As a result of many companies relocating during the off-peak months to save on moving costs, these buyers are motivated to get settled quickly and get their kids into good schools etc
  3. Agencies are generally quieter in winter – so you and your property will receive the attention you deserve
  4. Fewer homes on the market = less competition, as we said above about when something is limited, price goes up
  5. Tax breaks – selling before end of financial year might help get you some tax breaks on some of your expenses
  6. The internet doesn’t go cold – because buyers start their property journey online, they can still do this from the comfort of their cosy home before having to step foot outside (and besides, Brisbane’s winter isn’t really that cold at an average of 21 degrees Celsius)
  7. Listings on REA are generally down around 20% from June to August, less stock for your home to compete for attention with means more buyers for you
  8. Showing a home in winter can be an opportunity to make it shine! Use warm lighting, more rustic colours in the accessories like cushions and throw rugs, it’s a great time to make a home look cosy and comfortable and make it highly clickable online

So if the best time to sell a house in Brisbane is winter, it might be one of the most profitable  things you ever did (and keep in mind you can then purchase in spring when there’s the greatest number of listings available).