It’s an undisputed fact that the kitchen is the heart of the home. At H & H, we know the soul of the home lies in the bedroom. That’s why we can’t stress enough the importance of having a bedroom that promotes calm, reflection, and peace. Whether you’re improving your own home or preparing for sale, it’s Here our H & H teams’ 5 top tips for creating a bedroom everyone will want to sleep in.

1. Keep it neutral

Look at any design show or magazine lately and you’ll see that when it comes to the bedroom, simplicity is key. H & H inner north principal and CEO Peter Hutton believes the days of the gaudy feature wall are over.

“If you’re going to do a feature wall, wallpaper in a soft colour can be an asset. Otherwise, neutral tones are the go-to. If you’ve got an exposed element, like brick or timber, this can be paired beautifully with whites, creams, greys, or blacks depending on the other styling elements of the room,” Peter said.

“Ultimately, you want a space in which it’s easy to relax, unwind, and fall asleep.”

(Credit: SEASHELL IN LOVE – Kristin on Unsplash) Neutral colours allow you to unwind and fall asleep far easier

2. Think carefully about flooring

Whether to go with carpeted bedrooms or not can be a divisive subject amongst designers. Whichever way you choose to go, however, you can do it with style. If you’re taking the dive and going with carpet, H & H inner north lead agent Allie Coutts recommends sticking with the neutral colour palette.

“Neutrals allow flexibility in the rest of your styling. Light oyster grey carpeting is very on-trend right now and it looks fantastic in any room,” Allie said.

“But if you’re selling and you have timber flooring, don’t underestimate the value that can bring! Polish the floorboards up and utilise the houses’ natural beauty. A textured rug on hardwood floors can create a beautifully layered room.”

(Credit: Timothy Buck on Unsplash) Hardwood floors are very appealing to a lot of inner-city buyers

3. Take control of your lighting

Now, we’re not saying go out and buy one of the latest light bulbs that allow you to adjust light, temperature, sound, and seemingly your life. There’s so much you can do without smart lighting!

Quality curtains or blinds make a statement to buyers should you be selling your home, and they allow you to exert control over how much natural light floods the room. Buyers who work nights or sleep late will appreciate the ability to control how bright the room is in the mornings. Lead agent at H & H inner north, Stefan Blee also says to never underestimate the impact of a bedside lamp.

“Layering the light in the room adds so much depth and a large bedside lamp gives the bedroom the right lighting to promote sleep,” Stefan said.

“You want to get away from the blue light of electronics, so the warm light of a table lamp is perfect. You can read a few pages of a book before falling asleep naturally and effortlessly.”

4. Less is more

The bedroom is a place of rest, recovery, and recharging. It makes it really hard to relax when the space is chock full of clutter and junk! H & H’s resident stylist and decluttering queen, Karen Hutton, says you want to have the bare minimum in the room when you’re trying to sleep.

“Clutter makes people anxious, so the last thing you want is a cluttered bedroom! Try to keep all the things that need to be in the bedroom confined to the wardrobe and then keep the door closed when you’re trying to sleep,” Karen said.

“Outside of the cupboard, you want no more than a book or two beside the bed, a minimal number of cushions, and perhaps a high-oxygenating plant like aloe vera to promote better sleep.”

“Electronics are a strict no-no. Keep the phone in a drawer, the laptop on a desk, and the iPad in the living room.” she said.

5. Linen is the star of the moment

One thing all our H & H team agreed on was using linen bedspreads and sheets. Peter Hutton said it’s the practical choice for any Queensland home.

“I don’t need to tell you how hot the summer nights can get. Linen sheets are an absolute life-saver as they’re so light and airy, you’ll be questioning how you ever did without,” he said.

“They’re also a chance to experiment with colour in the room. A pop of burnt orange, sage green, or navy blue will give the room your own personal flair whilst maintaining a relaxing environment.”

(Credit: Olesia Misty on Unsplash) Linen is the hottest design trend for the bedroom right