When Phil Di Bella brought 30 Turner Avenue, New Farm to H & H it had already passed
through the hands of 5 other agents. He listed it with CEO and principal agent of the inner-
north office Peter Hutton and entrusted Peter to sell it.

Despite the inability of the previous agents to sell the property, Peter wasn’t phased. He saw
30 Turner Avenue as a thrilling challenge and knew his 25+ years in real estate would
culminate in the sale of this property.

Peter knew the first step to selling this gorgeous home was understanding exactly what Phil
wanted out of the sale. After all, what was the point of selling his property if Phil wasn’t going
to walk away from it a happy man?

The H & H mantra and manifesto is ‘More Human’. Peter Hutton incorporates this ideology
into every transaction and the sale of Phil Di Bella’s New Farm home was no different. Peter
sat down with Phil and talked it all out. He found out why Phil was selling, what price he’d
like to get, what the sale of this property means to him, and other details Peter believed
would help with the sale.

Peter also made sure to find out when Phil wanted to be contacted regarding the sale of his
home. Every client who sells through H & H is different. Some want to be kept up-to-date
every step of the way, so we make sure to do so. Others, like Phil, have busy schedules and
only want to be notified of any important updates. We tailor our communications to cater to
each client’s needs, and Phil was no different.

When launching the listing, Peter knew the marketing had to be absolutely perfect. He
enlisted the help of his wife, the Art & Marketing director of H & H, Karen Hutton. Together
they had the property professionally styled, had the highest-quality images taken, and had a
walkthrough video done.

Karen knew that this property was special and required some creative marketing. So, she
organised a double-page spread in the Australian featuring 30 Turner Avenue. The article
captured the property’s character perfectly and wonderfully detailed Phil’s love of the house.
Karen also organised an incredibly successful open house where Valerie Ferdinands from
My Kitchen Rules hosted a cooking class. It was the perfect opportunity to show off the
spectacular kitchen in all it’s glory. Valerie was able to glide around and use the amenities
with ease while creating a delicious dish.

There were several potential buyers who viewed the property multiple times whilst it was on
the market. Peter showed one of these couples through the Saturday night before Christmas
as they’d driven up from their Gold Coast holiday to see it again.

When posted on Realestate.com, 30 Turner Avenue, New Farm received 9,040 page views
and over 21,700 people viewed the professionally styled photos online. Peter received 66
buyer enquiries and took 44 buyers through the open homes. 17 potential buyers came back
through for private inspections and there were 3 written offers submitted.

The successful buyer submitted their offer just after New Years. We were able to tell Phil
and his family their house had sold while they were in the middle of a multi-continent holiday.
It was no doubt the icing on top of the cake for the Di Bella family.

So there you have it; another successful H & H sale. Once again, we proved that when we
tailor strategy, marketing, and communication to fit our clients’ needs, it results in a confident
seller and a successful outcome for both the buyer and the seller. The seller gets what they
set out to achieve and the buyer feels elated at the prospect of their new home.

Despite the fact that 30 Turner Avenue was a high-profile property, we didn’t treat this sale
any differently to other sales we make. This is just how we do things here. This is the H & H