With over 20 years of sales experience and a fascinating background in the performing arts and design industries (including fashion and interiors), it was a natural progression for Lisa McKay to combine her talents and join the world of real estate in 2011 and now the H & H team.

Her signature charisma, incredible energy, and impeccable attentiveness have allowed her to build a loyal following of vendors and buyers.

Lisa pairs a creative as well as knowledgeable approach to her day-to-day, ensuring client expectations are not just met but exceeded (and result in an effortless and financially rewarding experience for her clients).

She loves using her creative strengths to help her clients envision the design potential of the properties she markets to prepare homes for sale. She owes this to her upbringing – her parents were flippers before it was a thing!

Having owned her own retail business in the UK, she fully understands the importance of setting targets, follow up, and exemplary customer service.

Having her full license as well as her auctioneer’s license, Lisa’s hands-on style combined with tenacity, focus and determination serves her clients well.

Lisa enjoys singing and is often called upon to MC or auctioneer for community and charity events, which she very much loves. Her favourite pass-time is cooking for family and friends.

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