Karen Hutton has you covered when you put your home on the market. As part of the Hutton & Hutton team, Karen’s trademark is emphasising the soul and character of your property and expressing that to your targeted buyer through visuals and story.

‘A home is much more than just the sum of its parts.’

Her unique ‘story-driven’ property descriptions consistently lead to higher stats on realestate.com.au, and her signature style for creating striking images is a two-part process incorporating decluttering, as well as clever placement of furnishings and decorative pieces that encourage the eye to ‘travel’.

Having spent the last 20 years honing her craft working with real estate agents, decorators, retail, and individual clients, Karen has a well balanced approach and an eye for beauty. Karen is a the guru of all things property marketing!

Prior to H & H, Karen was ranked on Google as Australia’s #1 real estate copywriter and worked with agents all over Australia, the U.S. and Canada.

The Karen Hutton Team

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Peter Hutton

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