The Maguire Dream Team just got dreamier. Karen Chen joins Deb Maguire, bringing new meaning into the role of Sales Associate & Client Services Manager. Fluent in Mandarin, Customer Care, sales/admin & all-round happiness, this pairing is prodigious.

Maximising the client experience, by focussing on their journey being smooth and efficiently managed from the start is part of their faceted approach. Along with Karen’s mastery of Associate skills and mindset, harnessed over the last few years with H & H and her prior Real Estate experience, Deb is excited to be working together.
“Growth is key to happiness, the brain wants to keep learning, to be pushed, like any muscle it needs to be used. I reached my goal with my past role and am so ready to step it up and help Deb and her clients” Brimming with energy, Karen can barely contain it!
The long game goal is to become a Lead agent herself. Karen will be nurtured working alongside Deb as a key member of the Maguire Team. Keeping this journey on track!


Karen has spent many weekends with aged care patients, chatting and playing Scrabble. Karen is a Taiwan native. Living in Brisbane for 17 years.

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