‘Essentially, it’s all about listening, asking the right questions at the right time, diligent follow-up and clear and honest feedback. It’s a simple, genuine system that both vendors and buyers truly appreciate.’

Gemma’s decade-long experience in the real estate industry and her authentic, straight-forward and data-driven approach provide her clients with the right set of abilities and strategies, so they can navigate with ease the sale of their home.

A natural connector, Gemma loves nothing more than the feeling of helping her clients get to the next chapter in their lives. And she understands that her clients live and breathe the campaign as it progresses toward the end result of selling.

In her own words, ‘It seems so obvious – to advise vendors and buyers at every step, but it never ceases to amaze me that my clients find this remarkable!’

A keen lover of the beach, Gemma’s most-favourite-thing-in-the-world to do is pack up and head to Straddie for family time. (Can we please come too Gemma!?!?!)

Gemma, we at H & H salute and welcome you into our family!

The Gemma Kunst Team

Kelli McHugh

Kelli McHugh

Executive Assistant to Gemma Kunst

H and H Comes Recommended

We recently sold our townhouse which was in a desirable location, but were not sure of what sale price should be set. A friend who had very extensive experience in real estate matters recommended that we speak to the H and H team about the sale. We were impressed by their friendly approach which would make prospective buyers feel at ease. As we found out nothing was too much trouble. These guys were always presented a confident and professional manner. This was how the property was sold for a good price in a very short time. We would not hesitate in recommending H and H to anyone wanting to buy or sell real estate.

Laurie & Nola Harrison

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