Caleb fell in love with the real estate industry some years ago soon after high school. Now the H & H team welcomes him with open arms as he joins on as Business Development Manager.

With a rare dedication to his profession, a strong sense of integrity, and impeccable attention to detail, it’s no wonder at all that Caleb has accrued a tribe of loyal clients who have followed him as his career has grown.

Caleb is joining the team with a fresh, enthusiastic, dynamic approach to marketing and sees himself as in the business of building relationships. His keen intuition allows him to understand his clients’ needs and aspirations on a deeper level, while his affable personality complements his non-nonsense business acumen perfectly. There’s a reason landlords love Caleb!

When he’s not at work, Caleb spends his time with his gorgeous little black and white cocker spaniel, Henrie.


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