From Karen Hutton and Peter Hutton working from home in 2016, to opening Hutton & Hutton’s first office in early 2017 to 30 great people on the team and 2 offices today – H & H keeps growing and creatively disrupting the real estate industry.

Technically, H & H is a real estate agency. That is, we sell and lease property, but that’s not our business. Our business is your happiness.

We don’t measure our success in dollars and cents. We don’t boast about how many listings we have. We don’t count our trophies and awards.

Instead, we measure our success by the number of happy clients. We boast about how closely invested we are in our community. We count the number of smiles we help to create.

H & H is a family. Everything we do here at H & H is done with purpose and passion. We are a team made up of different personalities all working closely together to make sure you are happy.

At the end of the day, that’s why we do what we do. When you’re with H & H, you’re family too. How very unrealestate-like.

Our Mission And Vision

H & H’s Mission: To be Good Humans and Spread Happiness – and we happen to accomplish this by being Great Real Estate Agents leveraging a Great Brand and Great Marketing.

H & H’s Vision of a Better Future: 100 Area Specialist Agents, across 100 Suburbs under one Industry Leading Brand, Wowing our Customers.

The Values We Live By

We Are One Team – We are one brand, one set of systems, one team heading in the same direction. We participate and collaborate to strengthen our team. We share our skills, knowledge and experience with one another. Together we spread happiness and become one, strong unbeatable team.

Hero Spirit – We strive to be the best. Display a sense of urgency. Never give up. Put others first. Substance over flash. Always remaining humble and hungry.

Communicate Open And Honestly – We share information, insight and advice frequently and constructively and manage tough situations with courage and straight-talk. We reply to our customers in a timely fashion.

A Will To Win – We demonstrate a strong will to win in the marketplace and in every aspect of our business.

Wow Our Customers – We deliver a world-class real estate user experience. Be famous for under promising and over-delivering.

Personal Responsibility – We are personally responsible and accountable for our actions, results and delivering on our promises.

More Human – We see people as people not a money making opportunity. We treat our team mates and customers with respect and kindness. We live by the ‘More Human Manifesto’.