H & H owners Peter and Karen Hutton love to entertain in their top-floor, Inner-City apartment with its 100m2 terrace.

‘It’s so easy here – all on one level, and I’ve got so into barbequing I’ve now got two Webers. On Christmas Day I had both going at the same time.’ Peter added, ‘We’d like to make some changes and put a servery window through from the kitchen, but for now it works really well.’

One evening in the middle of a hot summer, they hosted some family for an impromptu bbq. 

‘We’ve got our 20-year-old Space dining table out there on the covered section of the terrace,’ said Karen, ‘I first fell in love with these Panton chairs as I knew they’d stand the test of time and chose a dining table that worked with them.’

Karen’s in charge of salad tonight, and dessert. ‘I love doing the accompaniments! Especially dessert. This one’s based on something I came across in the New York Times cooking app – it’s called Ile Flottante With Fresh Cherries. Let’s see if they like it!’

Below, Pete and Karen share their tips for a fun, laid-back meal.

Feed the Eye: One of the most important things is to make everything look great – and how I like to do this is with having nice crockery and serving bowls – some of my favourites are from Dinosaur designs. Also look for serving dishes that have different shapes. (K)


Have Good Equipment: As mentioned already, I love my Webers. A couple of handy tools I use are the meat thermometer, and a recent addition is the rotisserie for roasting chickens. (P)


Accept Help: On the night it’s always fun to make the event collaborative. I like to involve everyone in chopping herbs for the salad, setting the table, organising drinks, or passing nibblies around. (K)

PS: They loved the dessert