How to Avoid Mould All Year Round

One hundred years ago, homes were built from natural materials and had gaps, cracks and holes where fresh air could easily enter to provide natural ventilation.

Today, most of us live in airtight properties that (especially in summer), require ventilation options.

A landlord must make sure that their property can be ventilated, whether it be the ability for a tenant to leave windows or sliding doors open (security screens or floor locks are necessary here), and/or via mechanical ventilation (usually found in bathrooms and kitchens).

Fans and air-conditioning, as well as dehumidifiers can also be employed to keep homes dry and free from mould, and of course prevention is always better than cure. In terms of other option to minimise mould, replacing carpet with timber or tiled floors is also of benefit.

As we have seen, mould deterrence is a combination of landlord responsibility and tenant obligation.

Landlords are responsible to provide habitable premises and take pro-active measures to prevent mould, while tenants have a duty to keep the premises ventilated and clean by opening windows and doors and reporting mould and dampness to the property manager.

Here Are The 5 Steps To Prevent Mould

Step 1: Ensure your ‘wet areas’ are being adequately ventilated

If the bathroom exhaust fan has stopped working, inform your property manager immediately for rectification. And if you’re unable to leave windows open for adequate ventilation, do let us know.

Step 2: Act quickly

If you see any trace of mould developing, then it’s important to act fast and clean it immediately. Keep some vinegar solution in a spray bottle for this very purpose. Doing this will prevent a mould infestation. Inform your property manager of the mould infestation.

Step 3: Keep moisture to a minimum

Moisture is the easiest to control and keeping things dry will have the best impact. Keep a good flow of air in your home by regularly opening doors and windows. Use a fan to blow more air around if necessary. Dry any damp areas ASAP and consider a dehumidifier if you live in an area with high humidity.

Step 4: Let the sunshine in

Mould hates sunlight. Keep your home light and bright with as much sunlight as possible. While this won’t be possible for everyone, doing as much as you can will pay dividends in your fight against mould.

Step 5: Cleaning

Cleaning the fan blades on your exhaust fans is very important, as is dusting your blinds, windowsills and security/fly screens to ensure ventilation is adequate.