It goes without saying that sellers are checking out their prospective agent via the open home experience.

And why not? This is a brilliant way to make an informed decision. Feel free to use this list to ascertain the level of professionalism of your prospective agent.

  1. Is the agent at the open home? This might seem like a dumb question, but some agents take on so many listings, they can’t possibly cover an entire Saturday of open homes. This leads to a junior sales assistant from the office being at the all-important openon their own, meeting and greeting prospective buyers but probably unable to answer most questions. Make sure the agent you list with attends all open homes.
  2. The look and feel of the open home. Is the entry well signed? Are you greeted warmly? Are your questions answered at the open or in a phone call later that day? Is the home well presented? Has the agent cluttered the beautiful stone kitchen benchtop with their paraphernalia? (The answer to this one should be no.)
  3. What’s the look and feel of the agent’s brochure like? Is the paper flimsy or luxurious? How about the graphic design? Does it incorporate a qr code link so that you can see the property online and easily make an offer? Does it have a floor plan with measurements?Has the agent explained how to easily submit your Offer or Expression of Interest online?
  4. If you’re a neighbour, you may have been let know of the open home in advance via a courtesy note regarding extra traffic coming to the street. You might have been invited to a sneak peek as well.
  5. Finally, is the agent’s sign-in process made smooth via the use of self-check-in technology such as a qr code? Or is it old-fashioned hand-written or manually typed in by the agent process (slowing everyone who’s trying to get into the home?)

And one bonus point: your prospective agent (not their junior sales associate) should follow you up with a phone call by Monday, no later.