What Does A Property Manager Do?

Understanding the people who look after your investment

Your property is important to you. No one understands that better than the team at Hutton & Hutton. We know that when you’re leasing your property out, you want to know it’s in good hands.

That’s where we come in.

Our property management team is pretty amazing and they respect your property as if it were their own. How do they do that though?

This article outlines exactly what we do on the Hutton & Hutton property management team to ensure your investment is well looked after.

(Credit: Hutton & Hutton) Our property management team is second to none!

1. We find you the best tenant

Finding tenants who’ll treat your property with the utmost respect is our priority.

Firstly, we’ll market your property carefully. We write our listings with the demographic most likely to rent your property in mind so we can target them specifically. We also pride ourselves on presenting your property in the best light. You won’t find our listing with sad, poor, under-representative photos that don’t do your property justice. We understand the value of a good photo.

When applications begin to arrive we go through each one individually. We look at aspects such as the prospective tenants’ income, their job-status, and their suitability to live in your property. So, we won’t be accepting an application for a couple with a beautiful Great Dane for your one-bedroom apartment; it just doesn’t make sense!

When we come to you with an application we’ve approved, you can rest assured knowing we’ve done our research and that we believe these tenants are perfect for your property.

(Credit: Hutton & Hutton) We make sure your property looks enticing to the right tenant

2. We make sure you get paid

We make sure you get your rent on time. After all, who wants to be paid late? We offer mid-month or monthly disbursements dependent on what works best for you. We’ll also make sure you receive a detailed statement every financial year so tax time is easy for you.

(Credit: Melissa Walker Horn on Unsplash) We make sure getting paid is made easy

3. We can sort out your bills

Don’t want to have to worry about rates and bills for your rental property? You don’t have to.

We can pay your rates, water, electricity, and gas bills from your account as they come in, so you have peace of mind. Let us worry about the due dates so you can focus on what’s important to you.

(Credit: Giorgio Tomassetti on Unsplash) Don’t worry about bills, we’ll take care of it

4. We take care of maintenance requests

Using Maintenance Manager, we stay on top of repairs and issues related to your property. As soon as your tenant reports an issue, we’re all over it.

When we sign your property we can discuss maintenance limits and how much you’d like to keep in your account for issues. If a problem arises that’s urgent or within your limits, we’ll take care of it ASAP.

If it’s outside your limits, we’ll seek your approval so we can get cracking on it. Your maintenance limits can be updated at any time.

(Credit: Rawpixel on Pexel) We’ll sort out maintenance for you!

5. We stay on top of routine inspections

The best way to ensure your property is in tip-top shape is to conduct inspections. This way, we can spot things that have the potential to build into a big issue and sort them out early.

We maintain the following schedule when it comes to inspections of your property;

  • A detailed entry report outlining the condition of the property prior to your tenants moving in
  • A 6-week initial inspection to gauge how your tenants are treating the property and to establish expectations
  • An in-depth 4-month inspection accompanied by photos of your property
  • An in-depth 8-month inspection accompanied by photos of your property
  • A highly-detailed 12-month exit report or a lease renewal inspection

(Credit: J. Kelly Brito on Unsplash) We take detailed notes and photographs at our inspections to keep you updated on your property’s condition

If you have any questions or concerns regarding how our stellar property management team operates, contact us today!

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