Renting to Tenants with Pets

In the past, renting with pets was taboo. People understood that having a pet would limit their choices in finding a property to rent. In recent times, however, owning a pet has taken on a whole new meaning.

No longer are pets just an animal that sleeps outside and eats processed food from a tin. Pets are now part of the family. They sleep indoors (often sharing their owners’ bed), they eat just as well as the family (and in some cases better), and they are treated with as much love and respect as children.

Queenslanders have some of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world, with 62% of households across the state owning pets. To cater for this, the Palaszczuk Government plans to reform Queensland’s legislation around renting with pets. The reform will make it easier for pet-owners to rent property statewide.

So how can you start screening tenants with pets to ensure your property remains in good condition? We’ve compiled some tips below as to how you can find the pet owners with nothing to hide.

(Credit: Veenema on Unsplash) Pets are family now, there’s no way around it

They will provide a pet resume

It’s an increasingly common trend to see conscientious pet-owners supply a pet resume. This resume will usually have details about their pet, a summary of the pet’s temperament, and a photograph that’ll make it hard to say no.

Really thoughtful pet-owners will also include pet references from previous landlords. These testimonials for the animal’s behaviour will put your mind at ease when accepting their application.

(Credit: Lisa Algra on Unsplash) Pet resumes are both adorable and essential when renting to tenants with pets

They will have a list of reasons as to why your property is perfect

Good pet-owners know their Alsatian is not going to be happy in your one-bedroom apartment. They also understand that their flighty kitten and your property next to a busy main road are not a fantastic combination.

Good pet-owners will have looked at your property very critically when considering whether their pet will be happy there and that is an excellent sign.

It shows thoughtfulness and it will help you feel at better knowing their pet isn’t going to be uncomfortable.

(Credit: Duy Hoang on Unsplash) Pet owners care about their animals and wouldn’t apply for your property if it weren’t appropriate

They will commit to cleaning

Finally, good pet-owners will have no problems reassuring you that they will leave your property as they found it. This should include a deep-clean of any carpeted areas, a full pest inspection, and ensuring the property does not smell like animals upon their departure.

(Credit: Kazuend on Unsplash) Owners of animals of all shapes and sizes will always commit to a full clean of your property on departure

There are so many advatages!


There are a number of reasons you should consider renting to pet-owners, all of which will definitely work in your favour in the long run.

  1. You’ll widen your pool of potential tenants meaning you’ll have more applications to choose from
  2. When pet-owners find a place that accepts their furry or feathered friend, they tend to stay for the long haul. This means you’ll have more stability with your leases and you can be confident you won’t be looking for new tenants every 6-12 months.
  3. When you make your property pet-friendly you can charge more rent! Pet-owners will often pay a little bit more to find the perfect place for them and their pets.
  4. Pet owners tend to make more money and are more responsible. When you have another mouth to feed, you have to meet these criteria!
  5. Pet-friendly residences are rented a lot faster than properties excluding pets. Pet-owners will be using filters to find a place that will allow their pet Therefore, you can spend less on advertising and still rest assured knowing your property will be rented quite quickly.

(Credit: Drew Coffman) Pets just make everything better!

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