Gallery Event: TW Fine Art’s Kimberley Rowe Exhibition

There was a strong turnout to welcome LA artist Kimberley Rowe to Brisbane last week at the TW Fine Art Gallery just across the road from our office in the James St Precinct.

Kimberley’s cutting-edge use of mark-making, colour and materials makes her a great fit for Tove Langridge’s gallery whose clientele hails from all over Brisbane, but of course is particularly New Farm based.

Tove is now into his second decade of being immersed in the art world, with a long stint in New York where he first established and ran a studio space in Bushwick Brooklyn, before working for an English collector building his contemporary collection. “I still do work for him but while in NYC I also went on to be the assistant director of the Estate of Michael Goldberg (an important second generation abstract expressionist) in Mark Rothko’s studio at 222 Bowery, with his widow as the director. I worked on the side for Lynda Benglis and a couple of other notable artists but always behind the scenes before I opened the gallery in 2015. It was here, in Brisbane where Tove opened his gallery TW Fine Art and has been going from strength to strength, particularly in the arena of attracting world-class artists to his ever-growing stable.

Kimberley Rowe’s masterful exhibition of mostly large scale (and we mean huge!) works was well received by the crowd. I got to speak with Kimberley later about her thoughts on Brisbane – ‘What a fabulous place you all get to live in – reminds me a lot of LA.’

These are the kind of pieces that work well in large spaces like the double voids found in some of the Woolstore apartments in Teneriffe and Catalina on the river. Many home owners in New Farm like Kimberley’s work to showcase in their modern interpretations of classic colonials and the like. Her mostly neutral colour base sits well with just about any style of furniture and is complemented by the white walls and polished floors found in most modern Queensland homes.

The works of this exhibition were created during Kimberley’s artist residency earlier this year at the Wool Factory in Barcelona, a super cool space created by King Farish – it’s an actual wool store, 40 mins out of Barcelona where 6-8 artists per year are invited to enjoy the solitude and creative surrounds while they produce their art!

How cool is that?

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Gallery Event: TW Fine Art’s Kimberley Rowe Exhibition