A premium property manager will MAKE you more money by:

Maximising rents – They know how to present your property to the right tenant. You might pay a few percent more, but when you add up the cost of the extra time a poor property manager will cost your bottom line by the possibility of leaving it vacant longer, and in not getting a premium rent in the first place, those two items alone make it worthwhile to use the best property manager.

Securing a brilliant tenant – Poor tenants know they don’t stand a chance with a switched-on property manager, nor would a top property manager present you with any application that was sub-standard, hence wasting your time. They’ll be using all available technology, best practice skills, online marketing channels and their brilliant presentation ability to find the best tenant for you. That tenant is worth gold.

Minimising the cost of repairs – Young, inexperienced property managers have been known to send an electrician to put in a new light bulb for tenants who’ve complained that their light doesn’t work. Needless to say, an experienced property manager will save you money by asking the right questions BEFORE any repair work is requested of the owner.

Being thorough and systematised – A top property manager records EVERYTHING. Every phone call, email, inspection, copies of every letter, all notices in writing. If he or she is away anyone can sit at their desk and see everything that’s been done. Database management, good systems and procedures enables a great property manager to prove everything they do, potentially saving you expensive litigation down the track.

Developing a long-term vision with you – An executive property manager will ask about your long-term goals, not just your short-term picture.

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