Home Downsizing Checklist: 10 Simple Questions

If you’re 55 or better, you may be considering a new lease on life by downsizing into an apartment. Here are 10 questions to help your downsizing decision-making process.

  1. Am I in limbo waiting for a crisis (like sustaining a bad fall), in order to make the decision?
  2. Is the maintenance and upkeep of the family home causing procrastination or physical / financial problems?
  3. Will I be able to stay in touch with my social network / create a new social network?
  4. Will my prospective downsized home have design features enabling me to live there for a long time?
  5. What new activities will my new community provide?
  6. What kind of lifestyle do I want after I downsize?
  7. Can I get a large format floorplan of my potential new residence to mock up a layout of my furniture?
  8. What do I need/love, what can I get rid of?
  9. How do I make my new home appear spacious?
  10. Is there storage or potential for extra storage?
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Home Downsizing Checklist: 10 Simple Questions