Bring In The Buyers With ‘The LOVE Price’ 5 Step Strategy


Real estate thought-leader Peter Hutton has released a book that shows how to bring in buyers so you can sell your apartment for more, sooner.

Peter was over the cookie-cutter marketing and sales strategies that most agencies utilise, especially for impeccably made apartments at the luxury end of the market.

“I haven’t held back in this book. It’s all laid out for anyone to see how they can attract the highest number of buyers as well as get an absolute premium price for their apartment,” explained Peter.

His insider secrets are revealed in his ‘5P’ strategy that’s been proven time and time again to work.

In the book he tells the story of Bill who started negotiations for the purchase of a river front villa at $1.025M, and ended up paying $1.425M. Peter’s 5P technique and in particular the use of one question kept Bill from giving up on the property as many buyers would when faced with such a broad gap in a vendor’s counter offer.

Peter says, “Understanding how to get ‘THE LOVE PRICE’ for your luxury apartment is an invaluable asset to all owners of luxury apartments, and well worth the hour or two it’ll take to read.”

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Bring In The Buyers With ‘The LOVE Price’ 5 Step Strategy