You’ve been looking forward to this day for a while. Having prepared your home for sale, gone through the open home process, waited for the perfect buyer, then some more waiting for your home to go unconditional.

You’ve packed the whole house up and it’s only a little bit more waiting time for that money to hit your account.

But the buyers have just had their pre-settlement inspection and there are a few problems . . . throwing your settlement plans into disarray.

Check our list below so you don’t fall into the same trap . . .

  • A general clean will be in order – getting it professionally done is the best idea, that way, if anything is remiss it can be remedied by your cleaning company (make sure they wipe out all the cupboards and robes and clean the mirrors and glass)
  • The built-in bbq is one can be easily overlooked as you haven’t used it for a while. Make sure it’s been cleaned to a reasonable standard
  • Similarly, ensure your hotplates, grill, oven and rangehood are clean, put the dishwasher through a cleaning process too
  • New damage – when you move out, make sure there are no extra chips or scratches on the walls, or broken windows
  • Make sure all included chattels remain with the property
  • Don’t remove any fixtures unless they were excluded with the contract (that includes plants in garden beds and planter boxes)
  • Make sure all keys and remote controls are left with the agent (a wonderful idea to help your buyer settle in is to lay them on a piece of white paper, then label them (front door, back door, etc), take a photo and send to your agent
  • Your buyer’s pre-settlement inspection should be scheduled after all your furniture has been removed, and one day before settlement, to allow time for remediation if necessary
  • Ensure your electricals and air conditioning are in working order
  • Turn off your access to security cameras and alarms and provide the login details to your agent

We hope this list allows your settlement to go smoothly!