Think like a businessperson when you’re putting your home on the market to minimise expenditure and maximise your end result.

It’s surprising how the small details can really stand out to prospective buyers of your home. Here’s a list of 10 Little Fixes you can achieve with a little bit of elbow grease to freshen your home up at a low cost but big impact.

  1. Clean your power points and light switches or replace the cover plates. Consider adding a USB recharging point in the kitchen
  2. Wax your timber floors, steam clean carpets, sugar soap walls, patch and paint scratches/dents
  3. Upgrade your bathroom by scrubbing the grout, descaling the shower screen and replace the toilet seat; add white towels, a little pot of green, some Aesop handwash and voila!
  4. Trim and mulch the garden, philodendrons are great for balcony pots and they’re inexpensive, make sure your letterbox is upright and in good repair
  5. Sugar soap your walls and skirting boards, replace all lightbulbs to bring in more light (go with white rather than yellow), if the budget permits, consider new light fixtures
  6. Clean all stainless steel (including your fridge) with the correct product to make them shine
  7. Add a big clear vase to your dining table with large green leaves to capitalise on interior trends (with a small cost to you!)
  8. Kondo everything you can (fold, stack, declutter, organise)
  9. Clean the windows and mirrors. This one should probably be number one on the list because of the HUGE difference it’ll make to your home
  10. Declutter and refresh (especially all your horizontal surfaces like bookcases, kitchen bench, bathroom vanity, bedside tables), take all your magnets, etc off the fridge; and if your budget permits, grab some fresh white towels, bed linen, and a few throw cushions